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Bedbug dogs: Man's best friend; bedbugs' worst enemy!

Bedbug dog sniffing Bedbug dogs are used when an infestation is especially difficult to detect.  When it is absolutely critical for you to stomp out an infestation and it may be spread through an area, bedbug sniffing dogs are the best solution.

Specially trained, well cared for, and immensely valuable to uprooting bedbug infestations, bedbug dogs have begun to make their rounds across the country.

These canine companions are relentless in finding bedbugs. Due to their acute olfactory senses, they can find hidden pockets of bedbug eggs (tiny and translucent to the human eye) – giving us a chance to stop the infestation before it gets really bad.

Bedbug Sniffing Dogs from Presidio

We offer bedbug dog services as part of our pest management portfolio. We have partnered with the top scent detection firm in the state that trains, tests, and certifies our bedbug sniffing dogs. Although mostly used in commercial buildings and multiple-person residences such as apartments, our bedbug dogs can be brought to your home to check for early infestations of bedbugs.

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