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Bedbugs & Hotels

Bedbug hotelWe are the experts in bedbug remediation in homes & businesses, and we have applied our knowledge & experience in hotels and other such locations. Bedbugs in hotels are not an uncommon problem. Bedbugs can travel considerable distances in order to stay near or find their food source – you. They can lie dormant for up to a year before starving.

The problem is worldwide and the location, cost, or status of the hotel means nothing. You should always do some checking and take some precautions but don’t be afraid to travel. The following tips are useful when traveling. If you find bedbugs, alert the manager and demand another room (or a refund).

Tips for spotting bedbugs when traveling

  • Carry a flashlight to do a thorough inspection before you settle in to your room.
  • Keep all your belongings up off the floor and AWAY from the bed.
  • Look behind the headboard, box spring, and bed skirts for anything that looks like salt and pepper spots, blood stains, or actual bugs. The bedding is generally changed daily so the mattress is often not the preferred living site of the bugs. Headboard, furniture near, bed frame, bed skirt, and footboard generally are.
  • When you return home do another thorough inspection of all your belongings before coming back into the home. Also anything that can be put in the dryer for 15 minutes or so should be.

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