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Heat Treatment for Bedbugs

Crawling, biting, swarming bedbugs may not spread disease but the bites are painful and the thought of these disgusting creatures can keep you up at night. And once they start multiplying, so do your problems. So what is the best way to get rid of bedbugs?

Bedbug removal at 120-140 degreesHeat.  Hot, radient heat from Heat Treatment machines.

Although it's not the only solution, good old-fashioned high temperature is the best, non-toxic way to rid your home or office of a bad bedbug infestation. Bedbugs, being insects, do not have an ability to easily regulate their body temperature as we do (or Fido, for that matter). Mammals can sweat or pant and remove excess heat from their systems.  Bedbugs have no way out – the heat is a dead end for them.

 Although bedbugs have fairly good heat sensors (which is one way they find you while sleeping so they can drink blood), the very rapid increase in temperature produced by our heaters gives them no time to move or regroup. They cannot outrun the heat before it is too late.


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