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May 3, 2019
ortho bedbugs expense Bedbugs Presidio Pest Management
If you’re here, you have a frustrating (and possibly infuriating) bed bug problem, and you need it fixed. Websites all across the internet will give you different information about how to get rid of bed bugs in the most effective, fast way possible, but very few have seen how much damage is caused by bad...
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washing-bedding expense Bedbugs Presidio Pest Management
A common misconception about bed bugs stems from their name – bed bugs. They must live in beds, right? Yes, they do. They also live in bed frames, storage boxes and containers below beds, the nightstands and furnishings around the bed, even the electrical outlets near the bed! If you are looking to get rid...
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boric acid bedbugs Bedbugs Presidio Pest Management
Bed bugs are no joke. We know that if you have them, you want them dead ASAP. If you are suffering a bed bug problem in your home right now, you are in the right place to get the information you need about killing bed bugs. Before we give you a list of things that...
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chemicals to kill Bedbugs Presidio Pest Management
If you have bedbugs in your home, and you or your family are being bitten, you are likely desperate to get rid of them fast. Chemicals are one way to kill bedbugs quickly. We’ve provided a list here of some chemicals that will kill bedbugs. We STRONGLY recommend, however, that you proceed in using chemicals...
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heat treatments Bedbugs Presidio Pest Management
As unsanitary as a bed bug infestation sounds, it can occur anywhere – even 5-star hotels. Bed bugs can spread relatively quickly, which is why you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as you spot them – not to mention that they also feed on blood, which means they’ll bite you during the...
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