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When most kids are asked what they want to do when they grow up, the answers are all over the map. Answers like nurse, veterinarian, or teacher may come up frequently. It makes sense. Most kids love to help people and animals. It’s actually almost natural. There’s at least 1 answer that won’t be heard. Yep, you guessed it… Exterminator!

It depends on what people expect from an exterminator. There are plenty of exterminators that just “Spray for Bugs”. If that’s the expectation, then maybe the kids are on to something.

Let’s try a different definition. Let’s set the expectations a litter higher. “A pest professional who solves bug problems and provides comfort to people and families”.

It seems most people would rather chose a Pest Professional than an Exterminator. So where does Presidio fit in? You guessed it… Neither one!

Customers deserve more!

Mix together an almost unhealthy desire to exceed the expectations of every customer with a dedication to doing things the right way. Add an insane ability to think outside the box and challenge old school thought processes. Sprinkle in a determination to listen and understand. A genuine and patient communication style. A demeanor that makes people at ease. That’s Presidio!

Owner and Founder Bobby Wilford grew up and spent 10 years with a family owned automotive firm that shared and developed his passion for doing it better. Customer service was a way of life. The answer to every question was guided by “what was in the best interest of the customer”. It was soo easy to do the right thing. It was a culture! It shaped his personality.

Transitioning to the Pest Control Industry for the next 10 years was easy. Working for the Big companies was never home though. They never shared in his passion for service. There was never an enthusiasm for listening. Never an ideal guided by what was in the customers best interest. There’s an old saying that you can learn everything you need to know in business from your Customers, your Co-workers, and your competition. ……..You just have to Listen!

Presidio listens!

They listen to their Co-workers – a few of which have left higher paying Jobs to be part of the Presidio team. Feedback and ideas are required and necessary to keep improving.

They listen to their Competition – Presidio is often referred to customers from their competition. A lot of the competition has great values but maybe not the resources or equipment. A referral from our competitors is of the highest honor, they know their customer will be treated right.

They listen to their Customers and that is their #1 priority. Period.

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    The Pest Control Experts at Presidio
    11Logan Lizak - Presidio Pest Management

    Logan Lizak

    Service Specialist

    Matt Grew up always having different ideas of what he wanted to be as an adult.. As he looks back, he realized that all of the career paths that interested him had to do with helping people.

    11Jay Saylor Presidio Pest Management

    Jay Saylor

    Service Specialist

    Scott Has been with Presidio for over 7 years now. Scott has a military background and all the positive characteristics you would expect with that experience. He believes in being on time…

    11Trvin Payne Presidio Pest Management

    Irvin Payne

    Service Specialist

    Irvin is the newest Member of the Presidio team. A native Detroiter who attended the University of Arkansas at pine bluff. He is a musician, an avid bowler, and a dedicated family man.

    11Scott Simmerson Presidio Pest Management

    Scott Simmerson

    Service Specialist

    Scott Has been with Presidio for over 7 years now. Scott has a military background and all the positive characteristics you would expect with that experience. He believes in being on time…

    11Presidio Pest Management

    Jim Lush

    Service Manager

    Jim Has been with Presidio since 2012 and plans to retire here. The empowerment to really do “whatever it take” to satisfy a customer was something he loves being a part of.

    11bobby wilford

    Bobby Wilford


    Bobby Wilford is the Owner and lead exterminator at Presidio Pest Management. He worked as operations manager for a major pest control company for seven years, and is a member of the National Pest Management Association.