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Did you know that a single female bedbug can lay hundreds of eggs throughout her lifetime? During the previous century, the bedbug population was all but extinct, partially due to the use of toxic pesticides which are no longer in use. But in recent years that’s all changed. Bedbugs have become a serious problem for...
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bed bugs
Bed bugs are not harmful, and their bites do not spread disease. They are extremely disgusting though, and can cause your family undue psychological stress. They typically feed between midnight and 5:00 AM. Females can lay 5 to 20 eggs after a meal; eggs which can be difficult to kill. They are excellent survivors, which...
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Flea and tick season is beginning in North America and that means it’s time to prepare yourself and your family to make sure these annoying pests don’t become unintended household guests. What’s really annoying about these critters is that they bite, so they won’t hesitate to make their presence known. For this reason, it’s important...
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cat and mouse
Tips for Keeping Those Critters Out! Here in Michigan, we’ve been waiting a long time for spring to finally arrive, but now it’s finally here! Too bad humans are not the only ones who are glad that warmer weather is finally on the horizon. Rodents, like mice, are busy preparing for breeding season. A typical...
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bees be gone
Everything You Need to Know to Stay Bee-Free The summer is fast approaching, and we all know what that means: Bees While it’s certainly true that bees are needed to maintain and improve the world’s ecosystems, those ecosystems do not have to include your house! If you have no interest in sharing your personal space...
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