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Worried you have bed bugs? Learn how to identify a bed bug problem, how inspections are performed, and how exterminators get rid of bed bugs.

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How Can You Tell If You Have Bed Bugs?

You may need the immediate help of a bed bug exterminator if you are seeing small brown or dark red spots on your bedding, if you or your children are noticing small groups of red bites on your skin, or if you’ve identified a tiny, apple-seed shaped bug on or near your bed. It is extremely important to act quickly, especially if you’ve had bed bugs in the past!

You might have a bed bug problem – and you need to find out if you do before they continue to feed and lay eggs!

Bed Bugs 101: What You Need to Know

Bed bugs are not harmful, but they are disgusting, and you won’t want them in your bed for long. They typically feed between midnight and 5 AM and can lay 5 – 20 eggs after a meal; eggs which can be difficult to kill. They are excellent survivors, which is why do-it-yourself solutions can be ineffective – bed bugs move quickly and hide when they sense danger, especially if they smell chemicals or odors of substances that might kill them. Bed bug exterminators like Presidio know their habits and know how to get rid of them before they go deep in to hiding. Our pest professionals help with the problem quickly so your home is safe again.

Are DIY Bed Bug Treatments Effective?

Common household remedies are not effective at killing more than one or two bed bugs at a time, and in fact, they can make the problem worse by sending them into survival mode! Bed bugs are survivors, they breed quickly, and they think YOUR warm, safe home is the best place ever. If you introduce a chemical substance with a strong odor to kill a small number of bed bugs, any that remain will go into hiding – and come back out again when the danger has passed. 

Luckily, experienced exterminators know how to get rid of bed bugs, from knowing where they hide down to killing eggs, which are often more difficult to get rid of than the bed bugs themselves.

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It’s important to trust experts when you need to solve a bed bug problem. All it takes is one missed bed bug capable of laying eggs, and a bed bug infestation can start all over again! CALL PRESIDIO now for a free home bed bug inspection and we’ll find all the places bed bugs and their eggs are hiding and tell you how to kill them quickly and completely. In some areas, inspections are available same-day, and you can be bed bug free THIS WEEK.

We Offer Immediate Bed Bug Control to Help You Get Rid of Bed Bugs FAST.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Now

We offer an array of options for getting rid of bed bugs in your home. We’re a Thermal Remediation partner in Michigan and we employ the safest and most effective methods for removal of bed bugs on the market.

Please don’t delay! Each hour could mean the bed bugs are breeding and increasing in number. Call (248) 457-5233 to schedule a free inspection NOW.

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