Bed Bug Heat Treatment:  The Most Effective Option

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Thermal heat treatment is by far the most effective method for killing bed bugs. When you have unseen hordes of these hard-to-spot pests hiding in bedding, behind wallboards, or in other inaccessible areas, you need to be able to reach them where they hide.

Heat provides the solution to bed bugs‘ ability to hide. There are two
forms of thermal heat treatment used on the market today. They are both better solutions than chemical applications and home remedies.

Electric Heating

The best solution for eradicating bed bugs from your home thoroughly is electric heating, which has several advantages over other methods.

Electric heating uses heaters to raise room temperature to 135 degrees (max 145 degrees). With this method, rooms do not hit 180 degrees or higher, and thus damage to valuables is prevented.

We tell you “don’t touch anything before we get there” for two reasons. First, unlike propane heat treatment, electric heat doesn’t damage furniture and other durable items. So, you don’t spend a lot of time prepping each room. Secondly, you don’t want to disturb the bedbugs before our electric heating takes place. We want to catch them by surprise!

Bed bug heat treatment

Heaters are arranged strategically in a home to achieve high temperatures for bed bug eradication.

Usually, electric heating relies on four to six heaters at a time, distributed among the affected rooms, and controlled from a central location using a computer (as shown in the graphic). Average time for electric heat treatment of a house or small business is six to nine hours.


Thermal Propane Heating

Thermal propane heating uses an industrial-scale propane-fueled heater (located outside the house) which funnels heat through tubes into the house. Obviously, this is a very visible and somewhat noisy solution, as the heater and trucks are quite obvious. Air is heated to 180 to 200 degrees and blows into the target rooms while creating positive pressure within the house which pulls the hot air throughout the rooms. This means the hot air cools as it travels, creating an uneven air temperature in various zones – which means it may not be as effective in killing all bedbugs.

At these temperatures, another disadvantage arises with this method. Many household items cannot withstand these temperatures and can melt, warp, become discolored or damaged. Such items include (but are not limited to) vinyl items such as records & decorations; books, blinds, candles, magazines, TVs, video recorders, computers, and more.

Homeowners are required to do a lot of prep work BEFORE the propane heat treatment company arrives, which could easily take hours to days to complete. And if bed bugs are nesting or infesting any of the items removed by the homeowner and then placed back in the home, the infestation might arise again.

Why we advocate electric heat treatment

Again, we strongly recommend electric heating for the following reasons:

  • Temperatures and times are controlled precisely
  • There is minimal homeowner/building owner pre-work required.
  • Items are not damaged.
  • It is less noisy and much more discreet then propane or chemical treatments.

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