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The first steps to removal & prevention are knowing where bed bugs come from, how they live, & how to remove them. Bed bugs come out at night, drawn to their prey by sensing carbon dioxide emissions from breathing. They can scale sheer surfaces, and fit in the smallest of crevices. They feed on human...
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Despite their small size, bed bugs are a very big deal. If you have them in your home or place of business, then urgent action is required. Without professional help, bed bugs are very likely to spread and form a seriously problematic infestation. In this article, we will share with you what bed bugs look...
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If you are researching Bed Bug Prevention, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the infuriatingly impressive comeback bed bugs have made in recent years. Once considered nearly extinct, they’ve resurfaced and rebounded, and they are more pesticide-proof than ever before. Despite having suffered near-annihilation, bed bugs are much more difficult to kill than you...
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If you’re here, you have a frustrating (and possibly infuriating) bed bug problem, and you need it fixed. Websites all across the internet will give you different information about how to get rid of bed bugs in the most effective, fast way possible, but very few have seen how much damage is caused by bad...
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A common misconception about bed bugs stems from their name – bed bugs. They must live in beds, right? Yes, they do. They also live in bed frames, storage boxes and containers below beds, the nightstands and furnishings around the bed, even the electrical outlets near the bed! If you are looking to get rid...
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