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Bob Wilford Bobby Wilford - Bed Bugs - Presidio Pest Management
Bobby Wilford, the proud owner of Presidio Pest Management, wanted to share some insights into his life experiences, as well as answer some fun questions about himself and his traditions this holiday season! Over the next few weeks, we are going to be interviewing a few other members from the Presidio Pest Management staff. Bobby...
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snow fleas Presidio Pest Management
The Insect that Lives Throughout Winter! Winter, whether you love it or hate it, in Michigan the snow has come early this year! Even if you are on “Team Hate”, winter does have some charms to it. For example, at least you don’t have to worry about bugs…or do you? There are quite a few...
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Flea and tick season is beginning in North America and that means it’s time to prepare yourself and your family to make sure these annoying pests don’t become unintended household guests. What’s really annoying about these critters is that they bite, so they won’t hesitate to make their presence known. For this reason, it’s important...
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