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Commercial Property Pest Control

Commercial buildings are among the most challenging and environmentally sensitive facilities in the pest control industry. As a property owner or manager, the safety of your tenants or residents rests on your shoulders, and the weight can be heavy when pests such as bed bugs are “carried in” on clothing, or rodents invade when someone props a ground-floor door open. Regardless of whether it is a resident/tenant problem or a facility issue, you’re the one responsible for fixing the pest problem in the end.

Presidio Pest Management commercial property pest control services follow the U.S. EPA’s Integrated Pest Management Guidelines, providing consistent, documented pest monitoring and problem resolution that keep your facility and your tenants or residents safe and pest-free.

Our technicians understand the biology and behavior of pests, and use the IPM standards to safely and effectively control or eliminate them.

Presidio Pest Management will custom-design a commercial property pest control program for your businesses or institution, taking into consideration the structural characteristics of the commercial property, your staff or tenants, and  the overall environment around the property.

When the people who live or work in your building complain and the problem is bigger than a flyswatter and broom, Presidio Pest Management will help you seal it up like a fortress. Our Commercial Property Pest Control services include:

·         A complete diagnostic survey of your facility to determine the precise pest control problem.
·         Development of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to prevent future infestations.
·         Detailed, regular reports of our monitoring, and specific actions taken.


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