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Pest Control for Businesses

As a business owner, pest control has to be one of your biggest concerns. The last thing you need is to have your shop or restaurant shut down by an infestation of mice, ants, or cockroaches. It can ruin your reputation and your building.

Presidio Pest Management’s pest control services help:

  • Management Companies and Apartment Complexes deal with the challenges of multiple properties with multiple buildings.
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes & other Care Facilities manage the added health risks to patients of pest invasions and control.
  • Restaurant owners, Hotels, Motels and other Hospitality Industry businesses stay on good terms with the health department.
  • Storefront merchants whose building might be infested by pests “stowed away” in product shipments.
  • Other business owners or public facilities dealing with pest problems.

Our services are available evenings, weekends, and off-hours, so they won’t affect your customers.

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