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You’re changing the bedding one day and spot small apple-seed shaped things. Or perhaps your kids are complaining of reddish bites.
You might have a bed bug problem – and need to find out if that’s the case, NOW!

Getting rid of bed bugs is NOT an easy matter. Common household remedies are not effective. Bed bugs are very resilient, breed quickly, and think YOUR home is the best place ever. What are you going to do?

Miss one bedbug capable of laying eggs, and it starts all over
again. You are right to act fast and think this is an urgent problem – because it is!  CALL PRESIDIO now for a free inspection. An inspection may be available same-day, and you can be bed bug free THIS WEEK.

Immediate Bed Bug Control. Get rid of bedbugs FAST.


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We offer an array of options for getting rid of bed bugs in your home. We’re a Thermal Remediation partner in Michigan and we employ the safest and most effective methods for removal of bed bugs on the market.

Please don’t delay! Each hour means the bed bugs are breeding that much faster. Call (248) 457-5233 to schedule a free inspection NOW.

Need to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

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