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Jim Lush

Service Manager


It took a little trial and error to figure which industry he most excelled at but once he was introduced to pest control it was clear that was his calling! Jim worked for a few larger companies over the last 20 years and, while always excelling, he was never completely fulfilled. Jim Has been with Presidio since 2012 and plans to retire here. The empowerment to really do “whatever it take” to satisfy a customer was something he loves being a part of. Raised with Strong family values and the desire to “Do the right thing”. Jim is a Member of the Masonic Fraternity. Jim has raised 5 kids and enjoys 12 grand kids. On Saturdays you can find him wearing Spartan Green visiting with 90 year old father around the corner. Jim loves to be moving and loves the variety the job brings. Jim has more energy than most kids have and Presidio has been fortunate to have his talents from the very beginning.