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Matt Brady

Service Specialist


Matt Grew up always having different ideas of what he wanted to be as an adult.. As he looks back, he realized that all of the career paths that interested him had to do with helping people. Matt has been in customer service for over ten years and seeing the faces of a completely satisfied and happy customer never gets old. It really is a genuine feeling leaving the customers home knowing they are pleased with the service that he was able to provide. Matt had a very successful career with the larger companies but like a few of us, just never felt the customers were really the focal point. Matt Contacted Presidio In early 2018 and even though there were no employment openings. Presidio just could not pass up on the customer service focus and skills Matt offered. A decision that immediately proved its worth. Matt loves spending time with his Fiance April and their son. Matt is gentle, professional, compassionate, and genuine. Check out Matt in some of the reviews and you can see what customers are saying.