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I had a flea problem in my home this company answered all my questiions, very professional. Explained in detail what to expect on the treatment process and how and what would happen. Bob was very kind and respectful at our home would definitely recommend this Wow company.

Deanna C.

They are the best!

We use Presidio Pest Management for all our rental homes because they are the best! They are fast, friendly, and efficient. Jim is a great guy and we highly recommend Presidio.

Kim Kozlowski

No More Bed Bugs

8 months ago, my 4 year old had marks on his body and we had no idea where they were coming from. I later found out he had slept in my older sons bed and there were bed bugs there. There were minimal signs but since my son slept in various beds in The house they somehow spread to each room. We called Orkin and they completed a treatment but they were not gone. I then got so frustrated we threw out the bunk bed and sprayed down everything hoping they would be gone. We then saw more signs of them, so I called Presidio, spoke with the manager. From beginning to end expectations were set to do an assessment, they had the K-9 walk through to assess where they w were, and the entire process was amazing. The employees from the manager on down were VERY professional, punctual, and courteous. I fired Orkin for my regular service and they will be my provider going forward for ANY services we may need. NO MORE SIGNS OF ANY BED BUGS SINCE!

Lakisha Jackson

Dave Kugler

As a colleague in the the pest industry, I was able to talk to Bob regarding some mutual customers. I can certainly say that Bob is customer oriented and maintains a high level of customer care. I would not hesitate to hire Presidio for my own home.

High Level of Customer Care

Problem Solvers

I recommend Presidio for any pest control situation, mine was with bed bugs and I hired other companies and spent lots of money and dealt with the situation for 8 months. Presidio came in and clearly explained their process, executed it with ease and perfection. I’ve never seen service people work so hard. Thank you for solving my problem and saving my sanity, Presidio.

Kelly M

Very Professional…

Very professional from the first visit, when he took time to inspect the house. The heat treatment went very well, and another treatment was needed (at no cost). Follow-up visits are on time, and the work is fully done. My house is now FREE OF BED BUGS!


Explained the Process

I’m very happy with your service and the employee that did the job. He was so nice and made sure he explained the process. We feel so much better. Thank you.

Norma Williams

Professional & Thorough

Bobby and Matt were very professional, thorough and attentive! Finding the root of the problem and taking care of it! Excited to use their services!

Jennifer K.


Bob and his team of amazing techs were incredible. They are all professional and very nice individuals. Bob came out for the inspection and explained everything to me, from the problems to the solutions. He was honest and extremely knowledgeable about bed bugs. The day of the treatment the team did a fabulous job in the our home. They really put their knowledge to work. It was awesome because I got to see their equipment and they explained their entire process to me. I hope I never have to work with them again but it was a pleasure to do so! I will highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you guys!!

Charles C.

Responsive, Thorough, Professional, Knowledgeable

Bob and his techs were responsive, thorough, professional and most importantly reassuring with knowledge about bed bugs, their behavior and options to tackle the problem. We chose the heat treatment combined with the chemical follow-through. I would use, refer and sing the team’s praises!

Debbie Langer

Great People

Great people! Knowledgeable and affordable. As good of an experience you can have with a pest problem lol

Jaclyn C.

5-Star Customer Service

Customer service is 5 stars. Prices are reasonable, honest, and quality service.

Jessica P.

Our Trust in This Company is Priceless

Bobby and his team are the best! He made our bed bug situation feel like it would be taken care of right from the start. He kept us informed throughout the whole process and let us know we could contact him with any questions. Our bed bugs are gone and our trust in his company is priceless.

Angelique Finch

Knowledgeable, Helpful, and Professional

We are so happy with the service we received from Presidio Pest Management. Bobby was so knowledgeable, helpful and professional from the first phone call to the treatments. I highly recommend Presidio Pest Management!

Karla L

Consistently Good

Great company. Consistently good service and the people are professional and easy to deal with. I highly recommend this company.

Irene A.


Very professional, friendly and informative. Would highly recommend to anyone.

John M.

The War Against Bedbugs

Imagine waking up one day with a rash on your back and arms, only to find out the bed you lay on is infested with bedbugs. For 8 weeks, I battled the war against bedbugs with over the counter pesticides, only to find no signs of destruction. Countless hours on the internet and trips to hardware stores brought me to a $1200.00 dead end. I was beside myself, I threw out my couch, floor rugs, and bedding. I even pondered burning down my home to regain sanction. I sat down one more time in front of my lap-top, and with a click of the mouse, I came across Bobby from Presidio Pest Control. I called him for the consultation and at that point, I knew I was in good hands. With one visit, the bedbugs met their mortality. Presidio Pest Management won the war and I now sleep bed bug free. THANKS BOBBY!!!

J. Davis

Professional & Prompt

I’m very happy with the service I received from Presidio. They were professional, prompt and most importantly they got rid of my bee problem with one treatment. I really appreciate how quickly they were able to get out to my house. I would definitely recommend them.

Shannon Lynn

Compassionate & Knowledgeable

This company is thorough with the complete process. Start to finish. The owner and the employees are incredible! Compassionate, understanding and very knowledgeable. Any questions I have had are answered promptly and efficiently. Our exterminator professional Matt has been courteous, prompt as well as knowledgeable. I highly recommend Presidio!

Julie W.

Always Responds

Jim is wonderful. Always responds to text/phone calls and helps with any question and concern. Great company!

Brianna Joker

Reliable and Effective

The apartment complex I work for uses Presidio for all of our pest control needs. They are reliable and effective, and Scott is always helpful!

Cassandra Skwirsk

Professional and Nice

Bobby was great ! He looked all through our home and showed me different areas that could be the source of our problem !! Very professional and nice.

Sherry C

Friendly and Quick

We are pleased with Presidio and their services in helping our family with bed bug extermination. Their management and staff were friendly and willing to answer questions whenever we had them. They were quickly available for inspection and treatment. We recommend Presidio to anybody who faces the battle with these pests.

Dawn C.

Reputable & Reliable Company

When dealing with an infestation of bed bugs, finding the right company can be just as frustrating as the problem. However, I am forever grateful for finding Presidio Pest Management for eradicating the problem, and for providing the best service I have ever received from an organization. A close family member of mine had an infestation of bed bugs in September 2016, and she was at a loss on how to go about finding a reputable and reliable company. I searched and researched more than six companies who all had different prices and varying methods. Although, I settled on Presidio, I still did not know if I could rely on them to totally exterminate those bugs. I am delighted to report that Presidio did exactly that! My family is completely free of bed bugs due to Presidio’s diligence, professionalism, and outstanding follow-up service. I give them 10+ for the service and for the care that Bobby Wilford exhibited every time he visited. He took his time in applying the pesticides, and putting everything back in place. All I can say is: If you have pests, you can get rid of them. Just call Presidio and they will get the job done completely.

Carol E.


Excellent, superior service that annihilated my problems instantly! I would recommend Presidio and President Bobby to the Queen Elizabeth if needed!

Larry B

Bedbugs Gone

They came out and took care of a very bad bedbug infestation and didn’t quit till it was 100% taken care of. I couldn’t be more happy with their job . I recommend to anyone looking for any kind of pest problems these are the guys and gals for the job.

Chris H.

Ecstatic About Results

Presidio is an amazing company! I was at my wits’ end when I woke up and found a bedbug on my shirt! It was a Saturday morning – I called Presidio and left a message. They returned my call within two hours, set an initial appointment for Monday morning and a heat treatment the next day. The technician even vacuumed the entire first floor of my house, showing me where the dead bugs were found! You gentlemen are a fabulous team!

T. Smith

Great Customer Service

Great customer service!!! Awesome employees!!! Highly recommend.

Denise D.

Outstanding Company

An outstanding company. We just recently purchased an apartment complex in Lapeer. Had a major cockroach problem. Jim assured us he would have it under control after four treatments. Four weeks later the situation is under control. Thank you for your great service.

Tim Green

Extremely Easy & Knowledgeable

Had a great experience with Presidio. Called them up when I first had an issue and had someone out the next day. Incredibly knowledgable about my issue and overall felt very comfortable having them in my home. Had answers to all of my questions and I felt as if the whole experience was very genuine and not a sales pitch to use their business which I have often found with other companies. Extremely satisfied and issue resolved.

Sam S.

We’re Happy We Hired Presidio!

No one would ever be happy to find bedbugs in their home, but given that we did, we are happy we hired Presidio! I called one of the “big name” companies and left a voicemail, waited two days for a return call, and was told it would be a week before they could come to my house. The next company I called sent me directly to voicemail, too. Presidio’s phone was answered right away, by a real person. From that first call, the Presidio team demonstrated a command of their craft, a high degree of professionalism, and a sicnere concern for our well-being and satisfaction. “It’s not cheap to have your home treated for bed bugs. Presidio’s pricing was very competitive – even less expensive than the “big guy” – and we feel we got value for our dollar. Rebel and Ditto, the bedbug-sniffing dogs, and their handlers were professional and efficient. The technician was polite, knowledgable, well-dressed and respectful of our “stuff.” When we returned later that day, we knew they had moved things around, but they did an amazing job of returning everything to the way it originally was. In contrast, the representative of Company “X” who came to bid on the job untucked bed linens and pushed aside mattresses, then left them like that when he left the room – a bit too creepy for me! You probably won’t chat with your friends about their own bedbug experiences, because most people are too grossed out to admit they ever had them. Consider this testimonial a friendly and honest assessment of Presidio. I hope we never have pest issues again, but if we do, we’ll call Presidio – no question about it!

Christy & Gary Forhan

Happy Customer!!

Presidio went above and beyond!! My Aunt is a woman in her 90’s partially disabled and loquacious. I’m so grateful for the care and compassion he treated her home; but especially the compassion he gave to my Aunt. Dear Presidio, I just wanted to inform you that shortly after my Aunt’s apartment was treated she sounded like a different person. That is directly attributed to Bobby who went out of his way to not only treat her apartment but provided her and her care giver with stellar customer service! We discovered bed bugs on Saturday morning, I called Presidio and spoke with Bobby, and he immediately told me what to do until he could arrive Monday morning. My Aunt, myself and her care giver spent the entire weekend anxious and going through a roller coaster of emotions. When Bobby arrived on Monday, he really eased our minds and put our fears to rest. He was patient, kind and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions with ease even when I was on the verge of tears. He knew exactly how to treat the problem and inspected other units within the complex free of charge. Although he did not find any in her care givers apartment he insisted on treating it to give us peace of mind. At no additional cost!! He also went out of his way to check others homes that visit my Aunt often to ensure that no one brought those awful creatures back while visiting her. Again, did that at no extra cost!! Things went well from the first phone contact with him – Refreshing to feel in good hands from the start! I feel like I have gained a friend out of this experience!! P.S. The bugs are 100% gone.

Tricia P

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Google Reviews

Heather Howell
Heather Howell
19:16 04 Nov 19
Very responsive and professional! I appreciate the quality of work.
Colleen Wolfbauer
Colleen Wolfbauer
01:49 28 Sep 19
Bob came out very quickly to address the wasp issue we were having. He was professional, informative, gave us a great price, and best of all: GOT RID OF THOSE LITTLE BUGGERS!read more
Kelly Wallace
Kelly Wallace
03:16 24 Aug 19
We have a house that a family lived in for a few years. They planned on moving in July and during the course of a few months their grown son moved in prior to their move out. He brought in a mattress at some point that apparently had bed bugs. They moved out in July as planned and we called Presidio before we started a renovation which was at the end of July. We waited for a re-inspection before gutting and remodeling the house. “All good” found a bug 1-2 weeks later right in the process of new floors, carpet, paint, etc. so they came back and did some sort of other treatment. A few days later came back for another re-inspection “all good” today we found another. So here’s the thing; we paid $1,400 for a heat treatment that is supposed to be a guarantee. Why is it that we are still finding bugs after a $1,400 heat treatment and 3 additional visits? Mind you the treatment was at the end of July, it’s now the end of August. This should not still be an issue. I have never written a negative review but I am hoping to help someone else that may consider using this company and would suggest a different company that will actually back their claim because this is no joke and I’m literally disgusted. And if a heat treatment didn’t work I can only imagine what their other forms of treatments are more
Plymouth Crossfit Lower Town
Plymouth Crossfit Lower Town
14:21 22 Aug 19
Presidio did an amazing job for us! Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, punctual, & professional. We couldn't be happier with the service!read more
renee frangedakis
renee frangedakis
19:15 20 Aug 19
Absolutely the most professional company I have ever dealt with! From the first phone call I was at ease during a stressful and trying experience. Numerous companies tried to play on my emotions for their monetary gain. I was ill at ease with all of them. I tried one more phone call and it was to Presidio. Bobby the owner and I had an instant connection and I knew this company was the right fit. Matt came for the initial inspection and the day of the extermination, the owner Bobby was also at my door to introduce himself in person. I was impressed with his personalized service and his professionalism, along with Jay who was in charge of exterminating my home that day. They worked diligently from start to finish and when they left, everything was put back neatly in its place. They were thorough and also helped us out financially. If I could rate them 10 stars I would. Call this company first and foremost. Customer service is their number 1 priority. I can't thank you enough!!!!read more
Heidi Keesling
Heidi Keesling
23:06 16 Aug 19
My parents moved out along with the cats and the vacant house had so many fleas! The owner is amazing. This company is trustworthy with quality more
Cheryl King
Cheryl King
21:27 23 Jul 19
We were very happy with Presidio Pest Management's handling of our hornet's nest. They came out the same day we called and returned a few days later when the issue wasn't completely resolved. They were very more
Carol Compagnoni
Carol Compagnoni
11:38 21 Jul 19
I have used Presidio for my home and rental property for many years. Excellent service completed by the technicians; timely and friendly. Highly recommend Presidio Pest more
Maria Gilezan
Maria Gilezan
14:17 24 Jun 19
Renee A
Renee A
16:14 14 Jun 19
I am honestly so impressed with this company. I really can’t say that for many places anymore. I called the company with a matter that I was panicked about and they were able to assist me very quickly the same day. Scott came to the rescue and his service was amazing. He was a great guy who answered all my questions and did such a thorough job. I will be recommending this company to all my friends and family. Def will be scheduling my annual house sprays with them. Thank you!!!read more
Tamara Kramer
Tamara Kramer
15:12 08 Jun 19
Scott was very friendly and knowledgeable. Took care of business. A super nice guy. We'll see how the treatment for ants more
Amy Keogh
Amy Keogh
22:12 23 May 19
The owner and all of the employees who visited our home were very professional, courteous, and fast! High praises for the hard work they do. Thanks!read more
Mel Hawl
Mel Hawl
22:54 26 Apr 19
Fast service, fair pricing, great communication. Our service was done by Jay. He was great, explained the process clearly and answered all our questions. He was polite and funny. He was good with the kids, made us feel very comfortable and didnt make us feel ashamed at all. I am extremely satisfied with this more
Allie Dennis
Allie Dennis
15:39 23 Apr 19
Great service! Kind, professional, and trustworthy. We got our house sprayed for spiders and ants in the Fall and plan to use them again as Spring rolls around!read more
Larry Binion
Larry Binion
18:43 15 Apr 19
Bobby is Impeccably Excellent! Matt is the Man also! What would I do without Presidio. They are so good they should make a video! With these Guys I would have no hope! To be honest their service is DOPE!. In pest control they are best! Hire them and put your worries to rest! Excellent eradication and great service. Presidio makes sure that I never worry or get nervous. Matt's visit was so good that there came a twist. There was a critter caught in a sticky trap that I thought in my place didn't exist. Well, they are the best at what they do! I am not bragging, it is 100% TRUE!read more
Larry Binion
Larry Binion
18:43 15 Apr 19
Bobby is Impeccably Excellent! Matt is the Man also! What would I do without Presidio. They are so good they should make a video! With these Guys I would have no hope! To be honest their service is DOPE!. In pest control they are best! Hire them and put your worries to rest!read more
13:41 25 Mar 19
Presidio is scheduled to provide service at our home. Thus far Bob has made himself readily available to answer our questions and address our concerns, even after business hours. We genuinely appreciate that. I feel confident that we've chosen a company that will get it right. Looking forward to their visit to our more
Julie Widiker
Julie Widiker
19:39 01 Feb 19
This company is thorough with the complete process. Start to finish. The owner and the employees are incredible! Compassionate, understanding and very knowledgeable. Any questions I have had are answered promptly and efficiently. Our exterminator professional Matt has been courteous, prompt as well as knowledgeable. I highly recommend Presidio!read more
Sara DeNardo
Sara DeNardo
20:17 14 Jan 19
I cannot express how great it is to work with Presidio. They are reliable. thorough and fast to respond to any and all appointment requests. In the mortgage industry you find yourself against many deadlines, and we have yet to worry about an order we have with Presidio. In fact, they over exceed any expectations I have on what a reasonable turn around time is. I would recommend them over any Pest Management company in the tri-county area! You will not be more
Laura Gush
Laura Gush
10:44 09 Jan 19
Pest control for bedbugs for apartment complex. Have been dealing with bedbugs for about 7/8 months now. Initially heat and chemically "treated" did a few follow up appts and never showed up for the last couple that they said they would. Fewer bedbugs and the duration that they'd be seen after went from upwards of 10 every day down to 1 or 2 bedbugs every 2 weeks to a month (just thought maybe they were single straddlers". Anyway, bedbugs started coming more frequently again and in increasing numbers again, so apt management was notified and Pest control guy came, had an attitude (not to mention, this particular employee seemed always to have an attitude any time he did actually come to do his job) about "why" he was just now hearing about them again after 6 months. And I told him, well, they weren't coming so frequently anymore until now, plus you never showed up for the last couple "follow ups" he looked around and asked "where are you seeing them?" I said, what does that matter, we are seeing them and they need to be treated. Well, he didn't treat anything that day and was "supposed to" come back a couple days later and never showed. So now I have to continuously go to apartment management who are only here 3 days per week for a total of 12 hours (4 hrs each day). Another week passes and apartment management said that "Pest control had come" I said, no they absolutely did not. If they did, they didn't come to my apartment. They also claim the initial heat/chemical treatment doesn't kill the bedbug eggs. That doesn't seem right either. I bet if they had to live with bedbugs they'd treat theirs real quick.... Update: they came and were completely professional. Fabulous the last times to treat the bed bugs. Just a shame it couldn't have been treated the first time. Thank you!read more
Anthony Grochowski
Anthony Grochowski
00:37 04 Nov 18
We have been using Presidio for a few years now. From one house to another, 20 miles apart. We switched from using a big brand-name company and couldn't be happier with the results. They are professional, personable and thorough! They speak to us in layman's terms and help us to understand what it is they're doing to help. They give options and let us know exactly what we are getting, no surprises. We have three children and animals and are completely comfortable with the products they use. They've proven to be effective, time after more
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