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Identifying the Spiders in your House

Here are just a few of the most common spider species found in Michigan:

The northern black widow is one of only two poisonous spider found in Michigan. Female black widows have a red hourglass shape on the underside and are approximately 1 ½ inches long, including their legs. Males sometimes have red and yellow posts on the back. Black widows can hide in meter boxes, in outdoor toilets, under the eaves of your house, and in wood piles. They have been carried into homes along with firewood. They will bite if threatened, but are not generally aggressive. If you are bitten by one, you should immediately seek medical treatment.

The Brown Recluse or Violin Spider is the other poisonous spider found in Michigan. They generally grow to about 1/4″ -1/2” in length. The body has a dark brown violin-shaped spot; the legs are light brown and the oval-shaped abdomen is dark brown, yellow, or greenish yellow. Brown recluse have only six eyes that arrange in a triangular pattern with a pair of eyes at each point of the triangle. Most spiders have eight eyes arranged in two rows of four. While many believe the Brown Recluse cannot survive in temps below 40 degrees, the folks at Michigan State have confirmed the receipt of a “family” of brown recluse spiders from a single household in Genesee County.
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The Wolf Spider is a night-hunting spider common in Michigan. They hide under rocks or behind a shoe box during the day. The males die after mating in the fall, and the females lay eggs in the spring. Wolf Spiders can grow up to an inch in length, and can be brown, black, tan or yellow. Their bite is painful, but is not known to cause illness.

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