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bed bug heat treatment
Electric Heat Treatment Part one of a three-part series. Presidio offers three different solutions to get rid of bed bugs. Electric Heat Treatment, Chemical, or a Combo of both. All three have a 100% success rate, but which one should you choose for your home or business? In our three-part series, we are going to...
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bed bugs presidio
Get rid of bed bugs with help from a professional exterminator. If you believe you have bed bugs, we need to get to work. Our first recommendation: Educate yourself about bed bugs and steps you can take NOW to fight back. Below, we’ll talk about the bed bug life cycle, how they infest, how they breed,...
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heat treatment
Presidio Exterminates Bed Bugs Fast Thermal Remediation is the Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment! Crawling, biting, swarming bed bugs may not spread disease but the bites are painful, and the thought of bed bugs can keep you up at night. And once they start multiplying, so do your problems. It’s time to get bed bug...
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