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Wasp nests in or around your home?

Learn how to spot a wasp problem before it gets out of hand.

If the cells of the nest are made of wax, the inhabitants are either honey bees or bumblebees. Honey bees make a series of vertical combs. Most honey bee colonies live in manufactured hives, but they occasionally nest in large trees, holes in building walls, or other protected areas.

Wasps make nests from a papery pulp from chewed up fibers mixed with saliva.

Yellowjackets and Baldfaced Hornets build nests that are a series of rounded combs, stacked in tiers, and covered by several layers of pulp. Yellowjackets usually build nests below ground, but they also will nest in trees, shrubs, under eaves, and inside attics. They like quiet, out-of-the-way places. Baldfaced Hornets generally build nests in trees, or along the sides of a building.

Paper Wasps build a single comb without any protective pulp, built under any horizontal surface. Their nests are generally found on tree limbs, overhangs, building eaves, beams of the attic, garages, and similar places.

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