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What is a Bed Bug Anyway?

The first steps to removal & prevention are knowing where bed bugs come from, how they live, & how to remove them.

Bed bugs come out at night, drawn to their prey by sensing carbon dioxide emissions from breathing. They can scale sheer surfaces, and fit in the smallest of crevices. They feed on human blood, gorging themselves. They then lay eggs, producing an exponentially-growing swarm of young.

No, it’s not a science-fiction movie from the 1950s, although the present-day story begins there. Bed bugs have been with us since the dawn of human history. Up until the 1940s, these pests were found everywhere, and the only methods of treatment were ineffective, poisonous to people, or both.

When the chemical commonly-known as DDT arrived in the late 1950s, it was so effective in the United States there was talk of complete bedbug eradication. But nature abhors a vacuum, and the insects adapted.

With the lessening use of DDT due to environmental & health concerns, the remaining bedbugs (which were already adapting to DDT) found themselves in a much better position to survive. Starting in 2006, a resurgence of bedbugs in the United States exploded into the problems we have today.

Learn more about bed bugs with our Q & A.
Q. If I find a single bed bug, should I be concerned?
A Yes! The threshold for bed bugs is ZERO. Unlike an occasional ant or spider, just one bed bug has the risk of spreading complete havoc in your living area. Not all bed bugs are capable of reproducing, but if that one is, one can turn into a few hundred before you know it.

Q. Can I solve a bed bug problem myself?
A. While it is possible – the answer is generally “no.” If the problem is caught very early where you can remove all live bugs and all eggs then “yes.” Usually you won’t be aware of the problem until the later stages when it is very unlikely to address all bed bugs & eggs in every hiding spot. Also, it may be necessary to discard furniture and belongings to aid in removal, whereas using a professional can help you avoid that.

Q. What are the costs involved in a bed bug infestation?
A. The treatment costs are based on level of infestation, amount of “stuff” in the structure, and the size of the structure. When evaluating costs, it’s very important to consider costs outside of the treatment itself. With a chemical treatment all clothes and linens will need to be laundered and removed, and you may have to throw away beds or furniture and you may have to purchase an encasement. The cost to replace a mattress alone can be $300-$4000. With electric heat treatments, this is not a concern. All furniture can be effectively treated and saved and the prep work on the customers’ end is almost nothing.

Q. Do the products they sell at the corner store work on bed bugs?
A. Some do*, some don’t. The challenge with bed bugs is that you would have to *physically contact each and every live bed bug with the spray to have an effect. With their hiding habits, that’s nearly impossible. The eggs are the major concern. The eggs are naturally resistant to most chemicals and if one or two bugs are missed then the problem starts all over again.

Q. Where do bed bugs come from?
A. Bedbugs have been around for centuries, but a recent resurgence of pesticide-resistant bugs have made news for the past five years or so. For our modern day concerns, they come from and are transferred by humans. They can be transferred on your clothing or the clothing of others to new surfaces. You didn’t get bed bugs because you did anything wrong – they don’t discriminate as to whom they choose.

Q. What do they feed on?
A. The food of choice is human blood. (It is possible for them to feed on pets, for instance, but pet hair generally deters them – so they go for the easy food source.)

Q. How long can they go without feeding?
A. An adult bed bug can go a year or more without feeding. If a food source is readily available they will feed anywhere from daily up to every five days.

Do you need to get rid of bed bugs?

Call Presidio today for a free home bed bug inspection & to learn more about getting rid of bed bugs. Call (248) 457-5233, it’s easy, it’s free!

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Mel Hawl
Mel Hawl
22:54 26 Apr 19
Fast service, fair pricing, great communication. Our service was done by Jay. He was great, explained the process clearly and answered all our questions. He was polite and funny. He was good with the kids, made us feel very comfortable and didnt make us feel ashamed at all. I am extremely satisfied with this more
Allie Dennis
Allie Dennis
15:39 23 Apr 19
Great service! Kind, professional, and trustworthy. We got our house sprayed for spiders and ants in the Fall and plan to use them again as Spring rolls around!read more
Larry Binion
Larry Binion
18:43 15 Apr 19
Bobby is Impeccably Excellent! Matt is the Man also! What would I do without Presidio. They are so good they should make a video! With these Guys I would have no hope! To be honest their service is DOPE!. In pest control they are best! Hire them and put your worries to rest!read more
13:41 25 Mar 19
Presidio is scheduled to provide service at our home. Thus far Bob has made himself readily available to answer our questions and address our concerns, even after business hours. We genuinely appreciate that. I feel confident that we've chosen a company that will get it right. Looking forward to their visit to our more
Julie Widiker
Julie Widiker
19:39 01 Feb 19
This company is thorough with the complete process. Start to finish. The owner and the employees are incredible! Compassionate, understanding and very knowledgeable. Any questions I have had are answered promptly and efficiently. Our exterminator professional Matt has been courteous, prompt as well as knowledgeable. I highly recommend Presidio!read more
Sara DeNardo
Sara DeNardo
20:17 14 Jan 19
I cannot express how great it is to work with Presidio. They are reliable. thorough and fast to respond to any and all appointment requests. In the mortgage industry you find yourself against many deadlines, and we have yet to worry about an order we have with Presidio. In fact, they over exceed any expectations I have on what a reasonable turn around time is. I would recommend them over any Pest Management company in the tri-county area! You will not be more
Laura Gush
Laura Gush
10:44 09 Jan 19
Pest control for bedbugs for apartment complex. Have been dealing with bedbugs for about 7/8 months now. Initially heat and chemically "treated" did a few follow up appts and never showed up for the last couple that they said they would. Fewer bedbugs and the duration that they'd be seen after went from upwards of 10 every day down to 1 or 2 bedbugs every 2 weeks to a month (just thought maybe they were single straddlers". Anyway, bedbugs started coming more frequently again and in increasing numbers again, so apt management was notified and Pest control guy came, had an attitude (not to mention, this particular employee seemed always to have an attitude any time he did actually come to do his job) about "why" he was just now hearing about them again after 6 months. And I told him, well, they weren't coming so frequently anymore until now, plus you never showed up for the last couple "follow ups" he looked around and asked "where are you seeing them?" I said, what does that matter, we are seeing them and they need to be treated. Well, he didn't treat anything that day and was "supposed to" come back a couple days later and never showed. So now I have to continuously go to apartment management who are only here 3 days per week for a total of 12 hours (4 hrs each day). Another week passes and apartment management said that "Pest control had come" I said, no they absolutely did not. If they did, they didn't come to my apartment. They also claim the initial heat/chemical treatment doesn't kill the bedbug eggs. That doesn't seem right either. I bet if they had to live with bedbugs they'd treat theirs real quick.... Update: they came and were completely professional. Fabulous the last times to treat the bed bugs. Just a shame it couldn't have been treated the first time. Thank you!read more
Anthony Grochowski
Anthony Grochowski
00:37 04 Nov 18
We have been using Presidio for a few years now. From one house to another, 20 miles apart. We switched from using a big brand-name company and couldn't be happier with the results. They are professional, personable and thorough! They speak to us in layman's terms and help us to understand what it is they're doing to help. They give options and let us know exactly what we are getting, no surprises. We have three children and animals and are completely comfortable with the products they use. They've proven to be effective, time after more
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